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Bhadawar Industries Private Limited

M/s Bhadawar Industries Private Limited was founded in 2018 by Mr. Jitendera Singh, with the purpose of Importing, Exporting, Trading, Buying, and selling new & used textile machines, spare parts, heavy industrial plants, and their accessories. Today we offer all types of second-hand textile machinery such as Knitting Machines, Dyeing Machines, Weaving Looms, Printing Machines, Spinning, Embroidery Machines, Sewing Machines, and various finishing lines and textile spares.

What We Do.


Our goal is to connect many spinning machines via a network server so that the operator can control the operation from the control panel.


We offer our customers the highest caliber equipment. Our product lines include Terry Machines, Mattress Machines, Single Jesey Machines, Double Jesey Machines, RIB, Interlock, and Inter-Rib.


We carry out our work in accordance with client requests. Our main objective is to satisfy our customers. Our staff is working to satisfy the client’s needs. The manner we work has greatly impressed several of our clients.