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Weaving Looms

Deals in all kinds of used weaving machines such as Projectile Looms, Rapier Looms, Airjet Looms and Waterjet looms. Our range have plain Cam looms, Dobby Looms, Jacquard Looms, inter-alia having Major European brands such as Sulzer, Picanol, Dornier, Somet, Nouvo-Pignoni, Russian Sulzer (CTB) etc.

Knitting Machines

We are dealing in all kinds of imported Second Hand Circular Knitting Machines in India. Our ranges includes Single Jesey Machines, Double Jesey Machines, RIB, Interlock, Inter-Rib, AutoStrippers, Mattress Machines, Terry Machines, Fleece from plain knitting machines to Minijacquard and Fully automatic Computerized Jacquards machines. He deals major European and Asian Brand such as, Mayer, Terrot, Unitex, Pailung, Fukuhara (Monarch) Etc. We also represent some Chinese new brand as their sole agent in India.

Dyeing Machines

A jet dyeing machine’s construction is complex, it has many parts, and its appearance changes from model to model. The use of partially and fully flooded jet dyeing machines is widespread around the world. Multiple pumps may be present in dyeing equipment. One of these is the main circulation pump, which is often put as near the centre as possible to lessen frictional flow losses at the base of the krispy kreme. These may be axial or centrifugal.

Spinning Machines

A network server connects multiple spinning machines, allowing the operator to oversee the process from the panel. Modern spinning machines, such the Murata air-jet spinning system, feature online assessment of fiber smoothness. The doffing mechanism removes the yarn package once it has been constructed to the required size, takes it on a belt to one end of the machine, where it is picked up by another arm and put inside a container.

Embroidery Machines

Embroidery heads on multi-needle machines typically feature 6 to 18 needles. As a result, once the pattern is entered into the machine, it will automatically change colors and run continuously from start to finish. The typical hoop used by these machines is rectangular, which might provide issues with registration and high-quality embroidery.